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Our claim management software offers solutions to complex challenges property adjusters encounter while finding the best settlements for their clients

Streamline every process required to run your business. From the moment a claim is created, to the moment it is paid for.

Smart Scheduling

Effortlessly, book your appointments and send automated notifications and reminders to your clients.

Smart Electronic Documentation

No matter if you are assessing or following up with your client on a claim, our platform has you covered with specialized templates to record the work you do.

Store, share, sync and access documents from anywhere

Easily and efficiently, upload and share documents, and reach out to clients by sending emails using customized templates.

Be inspired and empowered to establish, manage and grow a meaningful business

Reduce overhead costs

Claimclever helps you reduce costs by improving the operation of your business. All done online, in a safe and efficient way.


Harness the power of your people.

 Unleash the potential of ClaimClever. Choose the platform that is disrupting the world of property adjusters.


Increase revenue and client acquisition

By reducing operational costs and improving how claims are managed. ClaimClever keeps your profits growing.


No more paperwork and storage issues. With our cloud based platfrom, ClaimClever helps you save the environment.

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